Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Sarah!

December 1st, 2009

I love Sarah Richardson! I just watched her Christmas special where she decorated the most beautiful Christmas tree, and made stockings, and baked cookies, and transformed her already gorgeous house into a festive gathering place for 200 of her closest friends. How fabulous! She has two children; how does she do it all? How does she always look so rested and how does she have time to be so creative and uninhibited in her designs when she’s the mother of two? She must have a nanny. Regardless she is an inspiration. Much like my friend Emily. She owns a store in Almonte called Blackbird. It is a wonderful, beautiful, cheerful, store where you can “find something for every nest”. Clever isn’t she? She has a 10 month old daughter named Clementine and between being a mommy and running her own store she still finds the time to paint her house, make curtains, and do all sorts of interesting crafts. How does she do it?! When I get home I’m lucky if I do a load of laundry. Where will I find the energy to take care of a baby and do anything else beyond what’s absolutely necessary? I suppose time will tell.

On a somewhat related topic (speaking of Sarah Richardson’s gorgeous, huge house) I realized today that it would, most definitely, be fun to be rich. I actually realized this over the course of the last few days. I was shopping for a Christmas promotion at work. I got to go to Holt Renfrew and purchase an $800 gift card. I felt so cool. I’m serious. I am a pregnant 30 year-old and I felt “cool” walking into Holt Renfrew and dropping $800 on a gift card. The woman helping me didn’t know it wasn’t my money; that I was actually expensing it as a prize for a contest called The Christmas Canoe. For all she knew I was walking out of Holt’s that day and going back to my mansion in the Danforth (I was in Toronto this weekend and stopped at the Holt’s there). Of course she didn’t so much as bat an eyelash when I gave her the denomination. Why couldn’t she have at least given me a giant smile and called me Ms. Josie or something cool like that?! I also took a few moments while at Holt’s to ogle a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. What’s with those damn shoes?! I’m usually not such a sucker for brand names (half true), but man I want a pair of those shoes so bad. In nude (the colour nude). Size 6 ½ please. Then today I was doing more shopping for our promotion. I went into Sephora and dropped a quick and easy $150, then I walked across to Coach and purchased a $260 dollar wallet without any buyers remorse what so ever! That’s when it hit me! That complete void of any remorse for my spending must be what it’s like to be rich! And that is why I have concluded being rich would be fun. Very fun. Well, back to sewing those buttons on my 7 year old winter jacket. Seriously.

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