Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look For The Signs

November 28th, 2009

Have you ever been told to look for the signs? I have been told this many times and in turn I have told many people. It’s something I believe. Hang on, I’m going to get a bit hokey here for a second. I truly believe that if you ask for guidance in life, and then open yourself to it signs will come your way. The more open you are, the better your chances are of recognizing the signs. Well let me tell you a little something. For a long time, well before having a child was a real possibility I wrote down the name Haydon as a name I would like to call my son if I had one. Fast forward; I meet the most incredible man I have every met. Warm, funny, selfless and I fall in love with him. Things get serious and two years into our relationship he asks me to move in with him. I say yes, pack up and move out of downtown to the burbs to a street called Haydon Street. When John told me our new address I smiled to myself, making the connection to the baby name I was so fond of. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m pregnant. Boom! Look for the (street) signs.


  1. I absolutely believe in signs, visions, premonitions etc and have had my fair share of situations unfold as well. This gave me goosebumps and I couldn't help but smile for you too! Like you said you just have to be open and embrace what's infront of you. Did you ever tell John about this sign!? :)

  2. I love that name, although I am a bit biased as it is my sons name...Only spelt Hayden. But I loved it from the fist moment I saw it which was about 6 years before my son was even thought of, now he is two and I couldn't see him with any other name!