Wednesday, December 9, 2009


November 18th, 2009

I feel so rich. So full. No, I didn’t just hit the casino slots and chow down on their buffet! I’m speaking in a figurative sense. John and I came out! I started with my Oma (grandmother). I told her last night and she practically leapt off the floor. She squeezed me so tight. We cried together and laughed together. Then I got to tell my aunt Wendy because she stopped by my parents place where I was having dinner after visiting Oma. Her reaction was absolutely priceless! She also squeezed me and cried. Then I gave my dad the okay to spread the good word. He immediately went up to his office and sent an email along with the ultrasound picture to his brother and sisters. Within minutes the phone rang. Dad picked up. All I heard was screaming. Ha ha! Aunt Monica. Last night and today the emails and phone calls have been non-stop. I can’t begin to describe how moved I am. I feel so supported. So loved. I feel this sense of calm. What I loved so much about my Oma’s reaction was that there wasn’t even the slightest hesitation in her excitement. It was like a reflex. She didn’t think, she simply acted. Acted with pure joy. Right now I feel nothing but appreciation for my incredible family and friends and partner. Together we are all going to raise this baby. I’m not in this alone, not by a long stretch. All of this positive energy has got to be good for the peach (it’s the size of a peach this week)! I bet it grew a whole centimetre today from all the love! I’m a big ball of moosh (yes, that is a Sex and The City The Movie reference for those of you who recognize it!).

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