Friday, December 18, 2009

Emergency! ... Break.

December 14th, 2009

Bad start to the day today. It’s cold, damn cold. Winter is here, so that means I have to leave time in the morning to heat up my car before I put my little behind in it. It’s a drag having to go outside 10 minutes before you want to leave just so that you don’t hate every cold second of your ride into work. Oh, and I guess it’s good for the car to heat it up to. Not sure why. So I did that this morning, went out to heat it up. I drive a standard and I guess for some reason… For the first time in my 14 year driving career I started the car, put the emergency break down and then got out of it. I ran back into the house to put my lunch together. When I went to the door to go back out and head to work I noticed the car had moved. About 5 feet to be exact… 5 feet forward so that it was touching our new car. Our new “family car”, the Matrix we bought just two weeks ago. I was panicked, but not freaking out, I mean how much damage could there be? I got in my car and carefully reversed it to survey the situation. My headlights made no doubt about it, there was a massive dent in the Matrix, and my absent minded action put it there. Baby brain?! F*&%! I didn’t want to wake up John to tell him so I called him from work to warn him about what he’d find when he went to start up the car. That’s when the tears started flowing. He was wonderful about it. He didn’t make me feel the least bit guilty. I wonder if he would have been so wonderful and understanding if I wasn’t pregnant. I wonder if it would have happened in the first place if I wasn’t pregnant. I hope this isn’t the first of many absent minded moments. God, knows what kind of damage I might cause.

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