Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ever Been to Mucus Falls?

I have snot all over me. On my face, my clothes and in my hair. Evan has such a bad cold his nose is like an open faucet, I’ve never seen anything like it. Just last week I was thinking about how lucky we’ve been over the winter, John and I were in good health all season and Evan has really only suffered through a couple of small colds since he was born. Well now he’s got a doozie and it came out of nowhere. Without warning he woke up Monday morning a total sickie. He’s being needy of course, but other than that and his nose he’s actually fairing pretty well. He’s such a trooper.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Damaged Goods?

Are you the type of person that looks at yourself in the mirror before jumping into the shower or do you avoid the naked glance all together? I always look. I’m curious. It’s so rare that I see myself without any clothes on, I want to know what’s going on under the layers. I have to say I’m very pleased with how my body bounced back after being pregnant. My stomach is more or less flat and I don’t have any stretch marks. My skin is stretched, in the sense that when I fold my body in half it sort of gathers in an unflattering way, but really, how often am I going to be posing like that for anyone?! I’ve already told you about my boobs, they’re smaller, but I can deal with that. My legs have always been the bane of my existence, but I’m even starting to finally embrace them. I would say the only thing I’m unhappy with is my c-section scar. I remember looking at it the day after my surgery and my first thought was, “It’s so big!” It looked way bigger than my girlfriend Emily’s. I was so alarmed that I vowed not to look at it again for at least a few days. It looked better once they took the staples out on day three, but I remember still being upset with my doctor. I actually uttered the words, “I told her to make a small incision…” to myself. Now I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking, “She’s so vain!” Well that’s fine, you can think that. Obviously the scar is worth the miracle that came out of it (my little Evan), that’s a given people, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m working on my body right now, I’m working out and I’m eating better than ever (my trainer has me doing this no carbs or sugars, including fruit, past lunch). I want to be healthy and happy, for me, for my son, for John and for bikini weather. I can feel my little love handles are fading away, my arms look stronger, but that scar, that scar and the scar tissue around it fail to disappear. If you touch the actual scar itself it’s very hard, and on either side of it I have these bumps of, either scar tissue, or fat, I don’t know. It looks gross if you ask me… It’s like a little bum. Ewwwwww. Remember that first scratch you got on your new car? Remember how it made you feel kinda sick? That’s the way I feel about my scar on bad days. I love antique furniture, and if one of my pieces gets a nick on it I don’t get upset because it just adds more character. That’s the way I look at my scar on good days. Although I wouldn’t really want anyone looking at me like an antique. I’m only 31 for goodness sakes!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

They're calling for rain this weekend in the Ottawa area, but I'm praying for more sun, just like we got yesterday! Evan loves blue skies! Just look at the smile on his face.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Boobies

I stopped breastfeeding a while ago, mid January actually. It happened naturally. Evan was totally cool with taking a bottle and truthfully he seemed to be losing interest in the breast. I didn’t pick a day as my last day to breastfeed, I just gradually cut back and then decided I was done. I had a few women tell me how hard it was for them and how they sobbed after their “last feeding” and I just thought to myself - mental note: don’t do that! Breastfeeding is incredible, the fact that my body produced all the nutrients Evan needed as an infant still blows my mind. I’m really thankful that I was able to breastfeed. I especially enjoyed the middle of the night feeds, when it was just Evan and I in the dark of the night, not a sound to be heard, it was very special. I remember crying the first time he had a bottle. I got very emotional because all of a sudden I felt like an inanimate object was doing the same job I was putting my heart and soul into (really, because at the time breastfeeding Evan hurt so much I had to really pull from my inner strength to keep going). As I cut back on breastfeeding I got less emotional about it because (on the up side) I felt like I was starting to get some freedom back. That and I really enjoyed being reunited with red wine. Side note – Do you watch Cougar Town? I’m asking for my very own “Big Carl” for my birthday this year.

Since I’ve stopped breastfeeding my breasts have gotten smaller. They definitely look different compared to my pre pregnancy/breastfeeding breasts. They’re… well… they’re sort of limp in comparison and did I mention they're small?! The fact that I’m working out now isn’t helping the situation. Why oh why when I start to work out are my boobs the first thing to disappear?! Why can’t my inner thighs vanish as quickly? Luckily John isn’t a boob guy. He’s a me guy. I’m a lucky lady! If I ever dare tell him I don't like something about my body, he's the first to tell me how much he loves it. So there’s my boob update. My boobs, what’s left of them, are mine again.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friend Love

We just had a wonderful weekend with our friends Chris and Hayley and their little guy Ashton. Ashton was born on May 9th and Evan was born on May 19th, so technically there are only 10 days between them, but it seems like more. Ashton is walking! He’s starting to know his colours, he can point to his nose when prompted, he's really a mini-man and so much fun! I guess it makes sense that Ashton seems so much further along than Evan because he was 2 weeks overdue and Evan was 10 days early (because of the planned C-section). I know no matter the age every baby develops at their own pace. It’s just really fun to see what’s in store for us. I can’t wait!

So the two little guys really got along well. Evan absolutely loved Ashton! This was evident from the numerous kisses Evan gave him. Evan couldn’t stop showing his affection for Ashton, it was hilarious. Luckily Ashton was a good sport about it. He even got a kick out of Evan steamrolling him! It made me realize how deprived Evan’s been. While I was on maternity leave we had our little play dates with other babies, but since I’ve been back at work Evan’s really only had adults as companions. Seeing him light up around Ashton I decided that I have to make more of an effort to get him out with other kids his age on a regular basis.

Chris, Hayley and Ashton are on their way back to Toronto now and Evan is having a well deserved nap. I’m already looking forward to our next weekend together. Evan’s going to miss his buddy.