Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All You Need Is...

December 4th, 2009

Is feeling ridiculously in love a symptom of pregnancy? The last few days, I’ll just look at John and get teary eyed because I feel so much love for him. He has been nothing short of completely amazing, supportive, fun, and nurturing with me. He gives me his love and in turn my love for him multiplies. That truly is how love works isn’t it. Well it didn’t so much in high school. There were some boys that I loved and Lord knows they didn’t love me back. Well maybe love is too strong a word for what I was feeling, but it was a serious like. Combined with high school lust of course. I digress. Back to the man I love right now. The man that I will love until my last day. It’s hard to describe how I feel for him without saying things that have already been said, by other people. Never did I think I would find such a man. I fall harder every day. He makes me a better person. It’s all so cliché and yet so true. I’m just plain giddy in love. Go ahead, gag… Oh wait... sorry to my fellow pregnant readers, I know gagging is a sensitive subject. Did I mention I’m not feeling nearly as nauseas anymore?! I know, you hate me.

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