Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Countdown to the Babymoon is ON!

February 2nd, 2010

I just booked the flights for our babymoon! We’re going to be travelling to Los Angeles, California (I hope it’s sunny)! We’ll stay in L.A. for a few days and then rent a car and drive along the coast to San Francisco. This is a trip that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I am so excited that John and I will be taking in the California coast for the first time together!

If I do say so myself I am due for a vacation. My last sunny holiday with my hunny was in March of 2008 when we went to Miami together. Wow, two years goes by quickly!

I love the idea of a babymoon; doesn’t it make sense to go on one last vacation with your partner before your lives are turned upside down forever?! I have a feeling that starting next summer our family vacations will be shorter and closer to home, which is totally cool, but all the more reason to splurge on an awesome trip now! Ha ha! I’m such a woman, already justifying all the money I’m about to spend on myself!

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