Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15th, 2010

My friends daughter Clementine turned 1 this past week and we celebrated the milestone yesterday. It was a great get together with lots of cuteness and even more sweetness (the birthday cake was unreal).

What struck me was just how many babies there are in my group of friends now. A lot of the time when we all get together it’s more of an adult thing… holy moly this birthday party was baby central. There was everything from a 2 and a half week old beautiful newborn to a nearly 2 year old bundle of energy. Soon John and I will be adding our contribution to this budding baby community as will our friends Kim and Peter. We really are at that age. I feel like it almost works the same way it does when women live together and next thing you know their periods sync. One of my girlfriends got knocked up and next thing you know its babies, babies everywhere! Okay, maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, it’s just what came to mind.

Yesterday also marked Valentine’s Day and the one year anniversary of my engagement to John. Because my wonderful fiancĂ© is always so great to me on Valentine’s Day I told him this year was going to be all about him. Even with that instruction he still got me a gift certificate for a pedicure! He’s a good man.

I got him something he loves almost as much as me… steak. But not just any steak, I actually found a meat market in the city that sold Kobe steak. So last night a trail of letters I wrote lead John to the fridge where the beautifully marbled Kobe was waiting for him. I swear he nearly had the same reaction I did when he presented me with a stunning diamond engagement ring 12 months ago.

Turns out I chose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my man, which thrilled me because he so deserves it!


  1. Ahhhhh Josie Josie Josie! You are such a sweet and thoughtful spirit, and John is lucky to have you, but didn't you know that Valentine's Day is for the Ladies??!! But don't worry, the guys also have a day just for them (other than every day;) It's not as popular or commercialized as Valentines Day, but its catching on and me and my man celebrate it's March 14th "Steak and Sex Day"!! Fo real it exists and its Chris's favourite day of the year!!! Pretty fun and naughty!!!!

  2. Hey Josie, I work at Belly Laughs, and was listening on my way to work this morning... we have a lot of moms, with a lot of advice, on both our facebook page (!/pages/Kanata-ON/Belly-Laughs/170542971887?ref=ts) and our blog ( we share all kinds of experiences, and have all kinds of advice!!!! We would be happy to have you!!!