Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feelin' Goooood!

February 6th, 2010

There is nothing more invigorating than a successful shopping spree!

It never fails; whenever I book a trip I always have to shop for it, which inevitably doubles the price of my vacation. This babymoon is no exception. I just did some serious damage on the old credit card and I don’t even feel done. I’m one of those people that can actually be quite conservative while shopping. I can go with a friend and maybe pick up one or two things or nothing at all. There are those times though when it seems all the shopping fairies conspire to make sure that I fall in love with everything I see, and once I buy one thing, it’s over. It’s like trying to have one chip when a brand new bag was just opened in front of you… impossible. You have that one, next think you know half the bag is gone.

Luckily (like splurging on booking the trip itself) I can easily justify the spending. First of all I had a gift certificate to use. My amazing and thoughtful fiancĂ© found a super cool maternity store that I had never heard of before and they have a lot of great quality clothes that I will even be able to wear after my pregnancy. I’m counting on that actually because good quality doesn’t come cheap. After the maternity store I went to go look at shoes. While in the car I was thinking to myself about all the money I’ve saved not drinking for nearly 6 months! Boom, that’s a nice pair of shoes and a few accessories right there! Plus, I’m going to L.A.! I’ve got to look good in L.A., ‘cause you know, all eyes will be on me. Ha ha! Riiiight.

K, I’m going to go try on all my new clothes again.

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  1. What's the "super cool maternity store" you're referring to? There aren't many options in Ottawa so any new stores are always nice!