Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back from the Babymoon!

February 27th, 2010

What a trip that was! It was so nice to get away, to be in warmer weather, to have the sun kiss my skin, to be near water, and to have a total mental escape from my world here in Ottawa.

John and I did everything from clubbing in L.A. to picnicking in Santa Barbara, to relaxing in Cypress, to working our calves out on the hilly streets of San Francisco. Despite being ‘on the go’ for the majority of the trip I still found it to be incredibly relaxing. We went at our own pace and I slept like a baby so I always had energy for the day ahead of us. I could go through details about everything we did and saw, but I would probably bore you. Instead I’ll share some picture highlights with you and end on this note. If you have the chance, go on a babymoon! It was a very special trip, different from any trip John and I have been on together. I don’t know if I feel any more ready to have this baby, but I certainly feel more in love with my partner than ever.

Walking along Hollywood Blvd.

Approaching In-N-Out Buger; fast food chain to the stars!

Our first In-N-Out Burger experience.

Here we are taking a break (my feet needed a rest) and soaking up the sun in Santa Monica.

Even the seagulls in Malibu are pretty.

John & I on the pier in front of the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

No, those aren't ducks, they're surfers! Surfers can be found like this at every beach along the coast of California.

First bathroom break of many...

John capturing our run in with an elephant seal. I stayed back... I was afraid it was going to wake up and charge us.

Sunning ourselves on the beautiful beach in Carmel.

The view from the ferry that goes to and from Alcatraz.

The very impressive Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


  1. Awwww I love you two together. So HAPPY you found each other! And best of all, had a fabulous Babymoon! Isn't In N Out Burger the best? Yummmmmmy! I'm sure baby was thankful for the treat. Love you! xo

  2. Glad to have you back Josie! I'm afraid that when Mauler does Josie and the City, it isn't the same as when you do it! :)

    All the luck with your baby boy!

    Love you and the morning show!


  3. Cali is the best. After being born and raised in Ottawa nad then moving to Cali to live for six months and coming back. It was definately an experience! Congrats on the baby and im glad you had in-n-out burger!