Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 5th, 2010

I can’t believe it! I’m sick. I have made it through this entire pregnancy (over winter) without getting one cold and now, with 3 weeks left to go I get sick! Boo! It started with a sore throat on Monday. When I woke up yesterday my throat was throbbing and I had full on nasal congestion. I put a lemon and ginger root in a baggie and went off to work. I made it through the morning, but by lunch I had to call it quits. My last day of work is next Friday so I really don’t want to take any time off, and at the same time I know that I have to listen to my body and give into it when it needs rest, especially now. Honestly, I found it hard even walking down the hallway I was so achy. I’m sure that was partially due to the cold, but also because this baby belly is heavy my friends… and according to my reading at 37 weeks my joints and ligaments are “relaxing” which is causing my pubic bones and back to ache. So there you have it. I’ll keep up with my stretching and massages and yoga and get through the next few weeks as comfortably as I can. I took a bath last night (my first one in a while), but it actually made me feel a bit queasy. I didn’t think it was too hot, but I heated up quickly. I was probably in there for fewer than 10 minutes. It reminded me of when I first got pregnant. I was so nauseous I would sometimes take baths in the morning, but one morning I made it too hot and I nearly passed out (ya… scary!). The incredible thing about the human body, and more specifically the pregnant human body is it’s got an amazing way of warning you when either you or the baby is in jeopardy.

This morning I feel a bit better, thankfully. When I drove in I was greeted by a massive orange ball in the sky! The sun was so bright I had to put on my sun glasses… At 5:50am!!! There is no better start to the day than a bright sun in the face!


  1. You're in the home stretch now Josie. Hang in there ... it won't be long before you hold your son in your arms, watch him smile up at you, and sing him little tunes to calm him.

    I was exactly the same way for my daughter. She is now 12 days old, thriving and calm. We have our ups and downs but every time I look into her eyes I'm more in love with her and my partner for making this little baby.

    You will see ... all the discomfort, fatigue and nausia will be well worth it. But you are right, listen to your body, it's trying to tell you something.

    I wish you a speedy delivery and recovery. I look forward to hearing all about your trials and accomplishments. Good luck!

  2. I recommend to all my pregnant friends the use of "Breathe Right" strips. (No I don't work for them.) They hold your nose open so you can breath easier when you are congested. They really seem to help you get some sleep when your sinuses are full. Good luck - this too shall pass and then you will have a beautiful baby boy for all your struggles!

  3. Happened to me too. Supposedly it is very common for you to get sick prior to the baby being born. It is your body's way of getting ready for the delivery. It will pass, and remember...mind over matter. :)