Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Bellied Beauty

April 14th, 2010

Ya, that’s right, eat your heart out Tyra! I’m a big bellied beauty! Ha ha! Well I don’t always feel that way, but two weeks ago I got to spend a little extra time on me and making myself feel beautiful with good reason. John and I booked a maternity photo shoot with Christine Tripp of Tripp Photography!

I’ve never been one to shy away from the limelight so getting to play model for two hours on a Sunday afternoon was a blast for me! John got into it too, because he’s the best, most supportive partner a gal could have.

We started the shoot in Christine’s at home studio. I shed my top and bra, as did John. I mean he took his shirt off, he doesn’t wear a bra. The two of us cuddled our half naked bodies up against one another for some lovey dovey shots. At first it was really awkward, but Christine was good to give us direction and eventually we relaxed and got into it. After that we changed our outfits… Well I changed my outfit, John just put his shirt back on… and hit the field across from Christine’s house. I requested outdoor shots and I’m so happy I did! The sun was working with us and the field provided a super cool backdrop.

Now to be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these photos. I’ll probably make a little photo album of my favourites and maybe pick one to frame. Question is, where do you put a picture of your partner and pregnant self? The only place I can think of is our ensuite bathroom. I mean we did the pictures for us, I don’t exactly plan on blowing up one of our partial nude shots to hang above the mantel. Just the same I am so happy we did it! After all, this may be the only time I’m pregnant… you just never know.

Here are a couple of fun ones!


  1. great pictures Josie! I wish I had gotten some done, but we had Ollie's pictures done at 2 months (or I did as a surprise for my bf's birthday). As for the photo you could put one in the baby's room on his dresser...

  2. i agree with melanie, get a super artsy one done in black and white and hang/put it in the baby's room. Awesome.

  3. I think that the nude pregnancy photos are very tasteful(as long as you're covering up the ladies). There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman's body in my mind, and agree that it should be on display in the baby's room, or your ensuite. It's not a photo you have to hide, especially because you're all baby!
    I definitely think I will do the same one day.

  4. Josie, you look GORGEOUS!! I love the first one, you are a super model!

  5. You look amazing! You shoudl ahve done pregnant modeling! I am pregnant with my second and regret not getting photos done with my first. This time around I would love to do it! It is such a wonderful keepsake. I agree with the baby's room idea! Never a bad thing to remind your child what you went through to have them in your life! I love reading your blog, keep it coming!

  6. You look beautiful! This is making me contemplate whether to do preggos pictures for myself... I'm due 2 days after you with a boy as well! :-)

  7. You look amazing! I agree, one in the baby room for sure. My son is two 1/2 and loves to look at pictures of my VERY pregnant belly.


  8. YOU look good :)

  9. You know whats funny josie. I can actually HEAR you talking when reading your entries..that is so weird!! I guess hearing you on the radio so much does that:)

    anyways great pics! Look at you shining away! thats awsome..I cant believe how far along you are. Seems like just yesturday you announced about even being pregnant. smiles
    love the post!

  10. Hi Josie, I listen to you every morning and the four of you always bring a smile to my face - so thank you... I've wanted to read your blog since I heard about it, I just got around to it today - it's awesome! It's great to read about your adventures, it reminds me of mine. My boys are going to be 5 and 7 in a couple of weeks (May 1st and May 2nd!) and I still wonder at the fact that I am a Mother to two fabulous boys! Enjoy every minute of it because one day you will turn around and you'll be planning a 5th birthday party! So here is my one piece of advice... don't listen to anyones advice! Everyone and their Mother is going to be giving you advice - smile and then listen to your instincts - they will never lead you wrong!
    Your big, beautiful baby shower is on my 40th birthday and my best girlfriends and I will be at the Nordik spa the day before you to celebrate. So enjoy your day and I wish you all the best of luck!

  11. The pictures are beautiful and fun!! I am currently pregnant with my second child, and have only one regret regarding my first pregnancy, that i refuse to repeat with my second. I have almost no pictures of myself pregnant with my first!! I think it had a little to do with vanity, and alot to do with insecurity about my body changing, and having no control over it!! But I was younger then and can appreciate the beauty of being pregnant now, and am going to embrace it this time around. It feels like you are pregnant for soooo long while you are going through it, but in retrospect, it goes by way too fast!! Enjoy it, record it, remember it!! You look amazing, and so happy!!

  12. That's so had been a while since I had followed your blog and stumbled on this one today. My husband and I's B-days are on April 14th and 22nd and his side of the family decided to give us a common gift this year: a one hour in-house photo session with Christine Tripp!!! I'm only 15 weeks pregnant right now and will wait until I'm around 34-35 weeks pregnant to do the session. I'm really happy to see the results! I can't wait now!!!!
    You look amazing Josie...I hope I look as good as you!!!

  13. Hey josbomb!
    my goodness u look sexy up there!!!!!!!!!!!11
    can you put up your nude shots?
    Why haven't you posted for a while?
    I check ur posts everyday and I am getting bord of Big Bellied beauty!!!!
    How many months are you?
    You don't look that bigg dearie! I was bigger!!!!!!
    u are too small
    Your husbamd is that great?
    don't squish baby post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I mean IT Reply to my questions


  14. Thank you so much for all your supportive comments!

    Sorry Sarah, no nude shots on the blog...

    I'm 35 weeks right now. Crazy!


  15. wonderful pictures... there so happy; it makes me smile and tear up at the same time... more?? I'm okay with not being the nude ones ;) first time having a look through the blog, thank you for putting yourself out there beautiful momma!

  16. Josie you look so beautiful in those pictures!! Even though you don't know me, it's so wonderful to see how excited you are about parenthood. I'm sure you and John will make fantastic parents! :)