Saturday, January 22, 2011

What The Heck Is Going On?

Evan has diarrhea. It started on Monday… it’s now Saturday. It’s been six days of changing the yuckiest smelling diapers you can imagine. He’s pooping 4-5 times during the day and at least once at night. It’s the night time poops that are the worst. Sometimes they’re so bad I have to change his pajamas which totally wakes him up. Of course after feeding him and changing him half an hour goes by that I’m wide awake in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if it’s the after effects of Cuba or teething or what, but I hope he starts pooping like he used to soon. We’ve switched to a soy-based formula in case it was sensitivity to his milk-based formula, but that hasn’t helped. We’ve been giving him rice and bananas, but that hasn’t helped. I called his doctor and he said 10 poops a day is the benchmark for concern. If he’s pooping under 10 times than it will most likely correct itself in time. My question is, how long is it going to take?! The doctor also said to keep an eye out for signs of dehydration. Oh boy, this is not so fun.

What was fun was my date with John last night. We went out in Almonte (so my parents could watch Evan) and had a really lovely time. Our dinner was delicious and we talked each other’s ears off! Ha ha! We decided to spend the night in town so that we could have a few drinks. Unfortunately Evan failed to communicate with us in advance that he really wanted to go home to sleep. He was up ALL NIGHT! Finally at 3:30am I said to John, “Pack up, we’re going home.” We made it back to Barrhaven by 4:30am and Evan went straight to sleep and stayed sleeping until 8am. Then he had an hour and a half long morning nap. It’s weird, it’s like he just wanted to be in his own bed. That’s not cool! How are John and I supposed to get our date on if Evan won’t sleep well in his play pen. I’m hoping this is another one of those temporary things.

Other than that things are good! I gave Evan Cheerios for the first time today and he loved them! Yay, one more thing that can keep him happily amused!

Tonight we’re having some friends over for dinner… I hope (after last night) I can keep my eyes open.

Here he is, poopie diarrhea pants, eating his Cheerios!


  1. too much poo is never fun...hopefully it will clear up soon, you can try the baby probiotics again (I think you used them when he had thrush?) Probiotics are super important for digestion and bowel issues!

  2. My boy went through much of the same thing around 9 months following a trip to the fair. It lasted just over a month (month and a half? two months?). I twisted myself up trying to figure out what was going on, trying one thing, then another - rice cereal with formula, without, cut back his diet to the blandest, easiest to digest things and so on and worried that he had picked up some kind of animal parasite at the fair. After a few calls, a visit to the Dr and a set of stool samples a month in, the results were basically...virus. Eventually, he got better.

    All that to say, yes it happens, yes it sucks, yes it will get better (probably in its own time and regardless of what you try) and no, you are not alone. Take care!

  3. Just a quick comment about the playpen....had a similar issue with my first child. She was not feeling the playpen. What I did was I started to out her down in the playpen for daytime naps and in her crib only at night. After she was sleeping well in her playpen during the day, I tried her in the playpen overnight, until she got used to that. We were able to enjoy many camping trips, a 3 week camping trip through the Maritimes, and many weekend getaways.

  4. That sucks! Just went through it with my son. He had it through Christmas and it lasted 2 weeks.. 2 weeks of 20 poops a day and a really raw bum. We just had to wait it out... Best of luck!

  5. Hey Josie, just catchin up on your blog, He probably had diarhea from the food at the resort in Cuba. Usually the fruits are really rich and our body isn't used to them.

    I had it on my trip to Dominican, ate too much fruit at the beginning. It eventually went away within a week...