Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cuba, Si!

We did it! Not only did we survive 7 days out of the comfort of our country let alone our home, we loved every minute of it!

Last Friday, John, Evan, and I along with my parents boarded a plane for Varadero, Cuba. Leading up to the trip I was very excited, but also a little nervous. I was nervous that Evan wouldn’t travel well; that his ears would pop on the plane, that he would have a reaction to the Cuban sun, that he wouldn’t be able to sleep without the white noise of his humidifier (hey, it actually crossed my mind). Thankfully Evan loved the plane (and every woman on it… he’s such a flirt). He loved the sun, although I was very careful to keep him either covered or in the shade, and he slept just fine without the humidifier (thanks to the Sleep Sheep and a fan in the room). Yes, our all inclusive vacation in paradise was just that… Paradise! Thanks to the helpful hands of my mom and dad and brother and his girlfriend (who met us there) I even had time to relax in the sun and get a bit of a tan. Sure, it was different than vacations pre-Evan, but I enjoyed the difference. I hardly drank and I was actually okay with that. Instead of partying all night the way I did just a few years ago when I travelled to Cuba with my girlfriends, I went to bed early in exchange for waking up early to take a beautiful walk along the beach with Evan and John. Like I said, paradise!

I think Evan’s favourite part of the trip was the first time we took him to the beach. As soon as we arrived we went straight for the ocean and I would pay money to see his reaction a second time. He absolutely lit up. His hands and legs were going and he was grinning ear to ear. John knelt down with him and let him put his hands in the sand and he was in heaven. In fact, just his hands weren’t enough, Evan wanted to be crawling in it, so we let him. It was so much fun to watch him discover something new. His second favourite thing was the buffet. Evan is all about the ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Its official, Evan is his father’s son (they share the same appetite). I swear, Evan would have eaten anything we put in front of him. At one point I had to tell John to stop feeding him, I was afraid his little tummy would explode. Evan loved the fruit there and the staff was so good to make mashed potatoes and pumpkin for him. Of course we brought our own food with us as well, but we could have gotten by on the food they provided at the resort.

It was truly a once in a lifetime vacation and I’m so thankful to my family for making it happen.

This inflatable kiddie pool worked great as a play area for Evan and as a beach crib for him to sleep in!

Here we are on one of our sunrise walks along the beach!


  1. Amazing Josie! You brave girl! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures later this aft!

  2. Kudos to you for getting out with Evan!!! It`s so important to continue to do the things we love after having a baby! Good for you Josie! You must be proud of yourself! I am going south with my 15-month old next month and I can`t wait!