Sunday, January 30, 2011

Energizer Evan

Evan oh Evan, why do you hate sleep so much? Why is it that you can be up for 4 hours straight and still not want to go down for your nap?! Why, when you finally do act tired and I put you down to sleep do you all of a sudden get your second wind and start playing in your crib like it's a jungle gym?

HELP! What can I do differently to get this baby of mine to sleep well? After talking to my wonderful girlfriend Hayley yesterday I decided that I might not be feeding him enough. Today I increased the amount of formula we give him before trying to put him down for his first nap. Unfortunately it didn't make a difference. Evan (even though he was yawning and rubbing his eyes) still protested when I tried to put him down. He cried while standing in his crib for 10 minutes. At that point I went back into his room, gave him his soother, and rubbed his back. He finally went down, but I want it to be easier than that, I mean shouldn't it be easier than that? I want him to go to sleep happily... Is there any chance he'll change? I've read sleep books and talked to friends and I'm really starting to wonder if Evan is "special" in a sense that he doesn't need the same amount of sleep as other babies? That sounds like a desperate mom talking doesn't it? I know in my heart of hearts he needs the sleep. I just don't know what I can do to help him get it. Even if I do get him down for his nap he hardly ever sleeps more than an hour. In fact, half hour naps are common around here. According to what I've read his first nap of the day should be two hours. Again, what am I doing wrong? I'm not even going to write about the horror that is his night time sleep. I'll just say that he's basically up every two hours.

I know, I wrote a post not that long ago talking about how much his sleeping had improved. Well it looks like the travelling we did over Christmas and our trip to Cuba officially messed that up... And this week we've hit rock bottom.

Desperate Mom - Out.

He only looks innocent...


  1. my doctor recommended getting my little one out in the sun and fresh air everyday to help them regulate day and nights. It has worked wonders for my little girl, I just make sure to go for a walk outside everyday, she also ends up taking a nap for the last half of the walk. Good luck.

  2. Mine were up every two hours too and they sleep through now. I just put my 1 1/2 year old in bed and he goes to sleep. It took me going in every time he cried and needed me (no crying it out) and I believe both my children just felt secure after will come if I need her. It takes awhile and 8 months is still young. Hang in there! Fresh air is good and maybe eliminate morning nap and do a big afternoon one. This works for my son. He sleeps 2 1/2 in the afternoon.

  3. What a freaking cute kid.
    It's okay Evan, soon enough you'll be sleeping until noon & Mommy will be yelling at you to get up & be productive!

  4. Josie, both my sons (now 3 and 14 months) had sleep issues. my oldest slept through the night at a young age, but needed to nurse to sleep or be held. and he was held for his ENTIRE nap until he was 11 months. my youngest STILL doesn't sleep through the night, and STILL needs to be held for nap. I agree with the past comment, try 1 nap. my 14 month old has been on 1 2hour nap since he was 6 months old. try it. it's worth trying to see if it works. he may not be tired enough in the morning. good luck. it gets better. and they go through a sleep regression around 7-9 months, so hang in there.