Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am dying to shop! I’ve been saying that when I get my old body back I am going to spend a sweet load of cash on myself and have a brand new wardrobe to show for it. What I found out yesterday is that I am not ready for that Pretty Woman shopping spree… not yet.

My mom generously offered to accompany Evan and me to the mall so I could look for a dress for an upcoming wedding. The first store I went into I started pulling items off the racks like a starved shopaholic. Before I knew it I had 12 items in my hands. Shorts, tops, skirts! Clearly I got off track very quickly as I only had one dress to try on. I hit the change room feeling excited, I was on a high. That feeling quickly faded. Even the skinny mirrors couldn’t save me. Everything felt tight and in some outfits you could even see the indent of my scar. Ewwww, how depressing! The dress I grabbed was a disaster, I thought it would be roomy, but it was skin tight. I did end up purchasing a few items, but I still have nothing to wear to the wedding. Apparently those jeans I’m fitting into gave me a false sense of the shape I’m in.

Summer is usually such a fun time for fashion and dressing up, however so far this summer I’ve more or less worn the same three outfits. I go for comfort and functionality over fashion… it’s not so fun, and now that Evan is spitting up (another new thing he started doing just in the last week), I really don’t want to wear my “good” clothes. I know these are small sacrifices, but I’m still keeping a tally. When Evan wants money for the latest whatever, I’ll remind him of the summer his mother had to forgo her designer jeans and colourful hand wash only tops in favour of black, machine washable, stretchy skirts and tanks.


  1. You're always HOT - and you'll be back in tight clothes in no time! I love that you used the word "forgo" - bachelorette much? Love it!! xo

  2. I can relate so much to your shopping trip! After my first baby I had gone back to my "pre-baby weight". But all my clothes did not fit me! My whole body shape changed after pregnancy and left me feeling quite unattractive when I looked half decent in was a t-shirt and "comfy pants". But it soon passes and you will look even more fabulous than you did before!
    My little one never took a soother, but there were many times I wish she had! It would have kept he house a little quiter and my self a little more sane :) Hang in there!

  3. Isn't it awful!? I still feel like I can't wear what I want to. Between getting sticky fingers all over my outfits to not knowing how to dress my new shape, there's nothing more frustrating!

    You'll find something cute. Don't beat yourself up too much.
    xo Em

  4. Don't worry. It took 10 months for you to gain the weight..give yourself time to loose it. You will be back in tip top shape before you know it.

  5. I can relate! I'm 4 weeks post-csection and I can't wear anything! All my mat tops show off my belly and I dooon't want that anymore! I had to add more black to the wardrobe to hide the ponch!

  6. Don't worry Josie, you are definately not alone! My newborn is 6 weeks old and I went shopping last week to find some casual tanks to wear this summer and even that was depressing as nothing looked even close to how it did pre-baby. I ended up purchasing a couple tanks but it was out of necessity, not becuase I felt good in them! So keep your head up - you have a beautiful baby boy and look great. You'll be back in skinny jeans and fitted tops in no time (and hopefully I will be too)!

  7. I've read quite a few of your posts and I gotta say- thanks for the laughs. Alot of the moments (you described so well), I've been through too, to the T. My baby was the 1st baby of the new year of the civic hospital this year (1/1/2010)...After 2 days of labor, I had a c-section- and then to find out almost 3 months later, I had a huge abcess..I had to be in the hospital 4 days for them to stick a drain in my stomach and PICC line I.V. in my arm for 2 months to be given 3 antibiotics and have a nurse come to my house everyday for 2 months. On top of it all, I had to where a fashionable fanny pack with 2 IV machines with two 500ml bags of medication- and take care of my baby all day.

    I have to admit though, that I am blessed that my baby barely cries and sleeps his nights. We call him our miracle child since we were not suppose to have kids naturally and poof! I was pregnant after 4 years.

    I totally related to you on one of your May posts about your freedom and to do what you want when you want..I remember telling people "ah it will be no problem to go out for dinner or shopping with a baby"...but sometimes it is difficult to just get ready and go. My partner and I were use to going to the movies, drive in, out for dinner spontaneously...The week we brought our baby boy home, I also remember we thought we were doing a good gesture to help take care of someone else's baby and their parents would soon be there to pick up their baby LOL...it is hard to come to the realization that your a "MOM" and this little human being is yours and with you forever.

    I wish though during the day, I could get out more, but since my partner works in downtown Ottawa and needs our 1 car we have- its hard to get out with a stroller. Since we live in Rockland, there are no buses here throughout the day.

    The other fear I had was finding a daycare. So far I have 2 open spots for 2 different daycares in town- so my stress levels are a bit lower...It will soon be time to find a full time job since my full time job downtown Ottawa cannot guarantee me hours to go with daycare and well it sucks having to go through the entire interview/job search after 3 years.

    By the sounds of it- you are doing an amazing job! Your baby is absolutely gorgeous!

    Nat :)

  8. Hey Josie - hopefully you're keeping cool and comfy in this crazy weather.

    I've had two kids and for both it took a good 6 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy size. You kind of go through stages...first you just don't care because you just had a baby, then you HATE maternity clothes and just need to get out of them (but that lovely pizza dough belly gets in the way...and the extra wide hips!) and so you cave in and get some "fat" pants...then slowly but surely time goes by and things tighten up and get back into place (though not exactly the same). If you're still breastfeeding then that will help a ton! Just stay as busy as possible with Evan - baby bicep curls and tricep presses are great for you and he'll find it funny too, going for lots of walks and busting a move to your fav. songs cranked up with him in your arms...great easy ways to get rid of the extra little giggle.

    Good luck and remember that you'll get there eventually.