Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Day!

Yesterday was a very big day! It started with a delicious breakfast cooked by my lovely man. We had fried egg sandwiches on toasted croissants with cheese, tomato, lettuce and avocado… my favourite! I love croissants… how they melt in your mouth like pure butter. Mmmmmm! So that was my start, then I decided to take Evan on an outing to one of my favourite neighbourhoods; Westboro. For the occasion I thought I would take a stab at trying on a pre-pregnancy pair of jeans. I went to the very back of my closet, where I hid my “hot jeans” while I was pregnant and grabbed a pair that were roomy on me before I got pregnant. I held my breath and put them on and tada! They fit!!! Let me tell you I did a happy dance that would make Ellen proud! I ran down the stairs and paraded in front of John and stuck my butt out and asked him how good I looked. Naturally he told me I looked great, smart man. Wearing pants without an elastic band for the first time in about 6 months felt amazing! Now the jeans did rub up against the exit wound (aka my c-section scar) a bit which wasn’t incredibly comfortable, but the confidence I felt wearing the jeans was worth the slight discomfort.

Evan was already drunk on boob juice so I put him in the car seat and away we went. It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt so good to be out and about. We stopped at a couple of shops and picked up some essentials, I needed a couple more nursing bras, and I got Evan some wipes, a few cute little outfits for the summer, oh and sheets for his crib (which we’ll eventually assemble and put in the nursery). We cruised around for a bit and then I got hungry again so we stopped for lunch together. He was so great, he slept the entire time! He received many compliments about what a handsome baby he was from polite strangers so needless to say I was walking with my chest out. Literally I was, I caught myself in the reflection of a store window as I walked by and my chest was huge! God, I love myself with milk filled breasts! Ha ha ha! Evan was so good he even allowed me to peruse about a gallery. Almost two hours later I figured it was time to make our way back to the burbs. Evan woke up the minute I brought him into the house… good timing! What a perfect day!

I’m finally starting to feel like this new life is normal and that feels so good.


  1. What a GREAT post Josee! I could feel your excitment as I am sure other readers could in your post as well, not to mention the happiness you felt that day!

    Its amazing when writing how it usually carries us readers along with you even though we were not REALLY there:)

    I just pictured your confident self, chest out ( I remember how fuller breasts felt) for some reason making you feel more SEXY, hip jeans..walkin around with Baby Evan (so proud of him being yours)with a huge smile on your face, feeling great that he slept and was content through most of your outing which left you you more relaxed to enjoy it even more ..those are really great days when you can go out and enjoy yourself while the baby is happy too!!

    Love it

    Well my dear, you are coming along fine! You are going to fly by this trying time and the next thing before you know it he will be crawling..or even walking.
    I know its sounds silly yet so true.

    As long as you continue your blogging I will continue to check up on ya! And if you ever need to chat with someone who can make you laugh who has been there and done that 3 times to be there during more challenging me girl.

  2. I remember the first time I had a day out with my baby and he sleeped through it! It was better than anything in the world.
    Your one lucky mommy to be able to wear your sexy jean and that great outing! Enjoy yourself every minute of it!