Friday, June 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

I think I have a bout of cabin fever. The hours easily become days and the days easily become weeks and before I know it 7 days have gone by and I’ve left the house maybe three times and none of those times have been on my own, meaning it’s either me and Evan or me and John and Evan.

Yesterday when John got home he told me to get out of the house. I topped up Evan with booby juice and made a B line for the front door. I felt like that lady from the Ikea commercial, you know the one where she yells “Start the car! Start the car!” I didn’t really do much, I went to Shoppers, then to the grocery store where I got some flowers for myself. Then I made my first trip to the LCBO without my baby bump! I picked up some beer for John, he didn’t ask me to, I think I just wanted to be amidst the liquor. Going there without my baby bump made me feel like my old self. Ha! Like I belonged once again in the LCBO. I know… ridiculous. (Check out this previous post entitled Beer Run.) By the time I got back to the house I was totally rejuvenated. The little outing made me realize how important it is to get me time. A shower is one thing, getting out of the house for an hour by myself is quite another. If felt great!

I think for me, having my independence threatened has caused the bulk of my sadness (that and sleep depravation). At these times of sadness I feel like Evan is attached to me (literally) and I feel trapped. I say that, but then on the flip side, if Evan has a nice long 3 hour nap I find myself anxiously waiting for him to wake up because I can’t wait to have him in my arms, to smell him and kiss him and see his bright eyes. I’m up, then I’m down… up, then down… hold on tight, motherhood is a wild ride!

Good news on the tear duct front, it seems to already be clearing up. Thank goodness. Also the Gentian Violet seems to be working at fighting the thrush and making John and I laugh. Evan has been nicknamed “purple mouth”. Gentian Violet is purple and it makes everything it touches purple too, including Evan’s mouth, his hands (if/when he gets them near his mouth), his clothes, my nipples (which are meant to also be purple as you have to treat your nipples the same time as your babies mouth so you don’t pass the thrush back and forth). Who cares though right? If it’s not purple dye its pee or poop. I’m immune.

Also, I have to say I just read through all the comments from my last two posts and you’re all so fantastic. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for the great advice. I’m so proud to be part of this wonderful sisterhood.

Here are some pictures, you’ll see it’s quite obvious that Evan is a good eater. Can you believe how he’s filled out?!

Sucking on dad's finger...

Sticking his tongue out at oma...

Hangin' out with dad. Sometimes this is the only way anyone gets sleep around here...

This peaceful moment brought to you by boob juice...

The nerve! I'm feeding him and he's giving me the finger!

Purple mouth...

Proud mom of purple mouth...


  1. You are doing wonderful... you all look so great. Sleep deprived or not. I'm glad to hear that the Thrush is getting better and things are looking up. Freedom is SO wonderful. But I can totally relate to the "attached" part. My daughter is a good feeder too... and I've had my shares of ups and downs. I've had every problem with breast feeding except Thrush ... right now I'm battling a severe case of hives due to the meds for a breast infection. So when I'm having a bad day, I am exhauseted, or in my case right now itchy in places I have never had an itch before, I take one look at my little girl and say to myself that it is all worth it... You're doing an awesome job Josie. It's such an exciting time!

  2. omg look at the hair on that monkey!!!! he is so adorable josie! the sleep deprivation will pass. my sister had a little boy 3mths ago and after 1.5mth she had to feed him oatmeal(pablum) cause milk wasn't filling him up and he was always crying. she gave him that. the first night he slept 7hrs. greatest thing in the world lol. when he sleeps, you sleep. dont worry about the house being a mess, take advantage of those naps, cause later on, he wont be sleeping for long. 1hr here 1hr there. you all look great and i love the pic of john and evan sleeping. so peacefull. congrates again and thank you for the updates and cute pics


  3. OMG He's already changed so much! Makes me sooooo sad to be far away. Josie, you look amazing! And I love Evan's purple mouth. What an inspiring little family, you're doing great & I miss you SO much! xo

  4. As if you're wearing earrings.
    Glamourous even when breast feeding. How are we supposed to compete :)

  5. You are doing a great job. It is a hard job and until you experience no words can describe it. I have 2 girls 3 and 1 and i feel i have no spare time so when i get out of the house i take my time and enjoy it. Still trying to fit in SATC 2. The hard part for me now is i am back at work and my husband travels sometimes for work, so getting out is not often. Enjoy the year off and take it day by day. Your a great mom :) Evan is so cute i love his crazy hair.

  6. As a mom to a two month old, I know all too well about the ups and downs. Rest assured it gets better! I think the 4-5 week mark was a huge turning point for me. I no longer felt sad and I didn't cry at the stupidest things. I truly hope that it's the case with you as well.

    You look great and baby Evan is such a cutie!

    Do you have a lot of friends on mat leave? Outings to Starbucks have been my savior, as has Stars & Strollers.

  7. Hi Josie you are looking fabulous as always, you have a lovely family. Myself, I am a proud mother of now a three year old boy and I totally know how you feel. God bless the drive thru bank machines and fast food restaurants if only the LCBO had a drive thru we would be all set. Now my little guy wants to touch everything and he hates being confined to the shopping cart (since he is way too big for the stroller) Cherish these times with your little one because they go by soooooooo fast. I breastfed until he was 13 months old, do it for as long as you can.
    It can be challenging (especially when they start getting teeth). Your little guy is such a cutie, love his spiky little hair. Love reading your blog nice to hear everyone is doing well.

  8. Josie, just wanted to say Congratulations to you and John for bringing such an adorable baby boy into the world :D He's beautiful and he has so much hair!!!

    Hang in there! I don't have kids yet but I know you can make it through. It's good to share your feelings in a blog too,it keeps it from building up inside,plus you can see all the helpful comments from other fellow mommies :)

  9. Hi Josie,

    You are looking great and so is Evan looks perfect. I remember going through the ups and downs and my daughter is almost 6 and there are still days where I feel like she is stuck to me I love her so much yet still want some me time. I guess it is normal for us to go through that... Purple mouth is cute for sure enjoy him you deserve it :o)