Sunday, March 21, 2010

My House Is A Mess!

March 21st, 2010

For the last 6 months John has been working on finishing our basement. I admire him for tackling the job because he’s never done anything like it before and it’s looking terrific. Of course having him do all the labour is saving us a ton of dough, the drawback is that it takes longer. He’s got a full time job and we’ve got a pretty busy social life so he can really only put in a day here and a day there.

The issue we’re having right now is that we’re bringing a lot of stuff into the house, but we have nowhere to put it. Baby items are coming in fast and furious and it seems there isn’t a room that can store it all. We have to keep the basement clear for John to work. Same with the garage, and the baby’s room is in an in between stage. We’ve cleared most of the office stuff out of it, but now we’ve got to build shelves and paint before we can load it up. It’s driving me a bit bananas.

Also, with all the work John’s done in the basement this weekend there’s a lovely layer of dust on every surface in our living room, dining room and kitchen! I would share pictures with you of the mess I’m living in, but frankly it’s a bit embarrassing. At least I’ve got clean bathrooms. Ha ha!


  1. Most of the time ppl keep the new born in their room for the first little while (mostly when breastfeeding). Don't stress yourself out with the baby room not being finished yet. You'll find the time later. Once your basement is all done then you can move onto the baby's room. Take it slow and everything will work out. It always does. Hope your leg cramps are gone. :)

  2. hey josie! glad to hear that john is doing the basement. it'll take time. trust me. BUT with the whole dust thing, if you'd like i clean houses during the day, i can come over and do yours for free! anything to help you out!I know it can be exhausting comming from a long day at work and looking at your house like a tsunome hit it. if your interested you can email me. i will email you my personal email addy on ur hot899 addy.