Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minivan's Are Cool!

March 14th, 2010

Why do minivans have such a bad rap? I think they’re cool. Growing up we had a Dodge Caravan. It was white and box shaped. I remember when we first got it I was about 15. I thought it was fun! It came in especially handy when my mom, dad, brother and I took off for a trip across Canada. When I was 16 we loaded up the minivan with clothes and camping gear and travelled from our home in Corkery, Ontario, right to Tofino, British Columbia. We were gone for about a month, and to this day it’s one of my fondest family memories. I look back at it now as our last big family vacation. One of the most wonderful things about it was that we, as a family, experienced this beautiful country of ours for the first time together since my parents had never ventured out that way before we were born, and certainly not afterwards.

On that trip the van became our portable home. The downfall of spending so much time in a van for a month, along with camping gear is that it never really smelled the same after that trip. For the life of them my parents could not get rid of the wet socks smell. It became a bit of a joke.

Eventually the Caravan died and my parents got a Honda Civic. I was already out of the house and the car more or less became my brothers. Well last year, my parents, who are both close to retirement decided to get another Caravan and they love it. Last summer they went on trips with friends, and my mom went on girl’s weekends, and there was always more than enough space for everyone to travel together. Last month John, my brother, his girlfriend, my parents and I went up to Tremblant for a weekend, with all our ski/snowboard gear, and guess what?! We all travelled together in the van.

Just this weekend, John and I borrowed the van to go and pick-up some furniture in Toronto. I drove for a bit and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a shrimp (at 5’2”), but I just love the feeling of sitting so high. Needless to say I would totally consider getting my own minivan one of these days. They’re cool in my books!


  1. I remember saying, before I had kids (my oldest is 12), that I would NEVER own a mini van! They were for nerdy families. To me, they were ugly and just not cool.

    Well, guess who owns one now?! I love our Dodge Caravan. It's comfortable, roomy and like you, I love sitting up high too!

    So now, either I belong to a "nerdy family" or mini vans are just becoming more cool and acceptable! They are definitely a lot nicer than they used to be (12 years ago they looked more like "ant-eaters" - LOL). And we love it for family trips! My son had a lot of baseball tournaments last summer out of the city and we packed the kids and everything else up in the van with no problems! We plan to go on many more road trips, and I hope my kids will have fond memories of those trips as you do of yours!

  2. I resisted the minivan for a while (being called a mommy-mobile) but it came to a point where it was the best choice. And, boy, was it EVER the best choice. Even with only one child, you can haul all of your stuff around and never be without anything. And it is so great to get the baby in and out of! It was the best decision we ever made. And the price was amazing (we got a new car for $18k with tax)! How can you justify anything else!?!? Minivans are awesome!

  3. Minivans are sexy from a mom's point of view. I got one when the 2nd kid arrived and realized I had too much junk (baby items) to carry around with 2 kids. So easy. Kids love it because they can see outside the windows. It makes for peacefull trips.

  4. I can't live without my Grand Caravan! It is way easier to fit the car seat and you don't have to put the passenger seat up so far that your legs hit the dash :S Plus, there are so many baby items that you will be bringing with you everywhere... I only have one kid and I am lovin' it!