Monday, February 7, 2011

Up The Stairs We Go

Last night Evan CLIMBED THE ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS! It was like a miracle was happening right before my eyes! This little guy of mine is amazing. I was playing with him in our living room when he started crawling towards our front door. He stopped at the mat in our front hallway and admired the texture of it by patting it repeatedly. Then he saw the stairs and went for them. He started pulling himself up and I thought he was just going to stand there, but he actually pulled himself onto the next step, and then the next step, and the next one. I started squealing like a little school girl. I was there ready to catch him if he missed a step, but he didn't. He climbed the entire flight as if it was no big deal. When he got to the top he turned around and shot me the biggest grin! I don't know when or where he learned this. Just a couple of weeks ago I was trying to teach him how to climb the stairs and he wasn’t quite getting it. He’s developing so quickly it’s blowing my mind. I can hardly wait to get home from work today to watch him do it again!

Mom, there's someone at the door...

Okay, time to tackle these stairs!

This is a piece of cake mom...

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