Sunday, October 3, 2010

There Are Good Men Out There

Yesterday morning Evan and I walked to Shoppers to pick up a few things we needed. We were greeted at the door by Boy Scouts who were giving away apples and accepting donations for them if you were so kind. I enjoy apples so I happily made a donation and entered the store. Now before being greeted by the apple bearing Boy Scouts I noticed a good looking young man walk into the store ahead me. I’m really bad at guessing people’s age, but I think he was probably around 19… maybe early 20’s. He ended up in front of me in line at the cash and I couldn’t help but notice he was purchasing two boxes of condoms. All of a sudden I felt this smile creep onto my face, I was shining from the inside out, I was so proud of this young man. Not only did he have the good sense to be practicing safe sex, but he had the confidence to purchase JUST condoms. He didn’t throw them in amongst items he didn’t really need like deodorant and toothpaste (like even I do to this day… I know, ridiculous! I do the same thing with Tampons… I’m silly!). I was so impressed by this young man I thought to myself, if I were in front of him in line I would offer to pay for them as a way of rewarding him. Of course then I thought about how that could potentially embarrass him (and make me look crazy). I even considered saying something to him, like, “Hey, way to go!”… Lame Josie, lame! I WILL embarrass Evan, I’m already an uncool mom. Thankfully I had the good sense not to say or do anything. He made it hard though because to top it all off, when he received his change from the cashier he asked if she could break up the bill for him so he could make a donation to the Boy Scouts at the door. That’s when I fell in love… for what he stood for. I thought to myself, this young man gives me hope. Let’s face it, guys get a bad rap a lot of the time, but there are some good ones out there and I hope one day my little guy will grow up to be one of them.


  1. I just recently had a baby boy also (recenlty i mean his 15 months) and I am also with you after reading this, WOW I am glad to hear there are some good men out there and hope to raise my son to be the same. I am sure Josie that Evan will be a wonderful repected man when he grows up!

  2. that was my boyfriend ahead of you, he told me when he got to my house that he saw you at shoppers, thanks for all your compliments, i do hope your son grows up to be a very nice young man.
    take care :)

  3. YAY!

    I am glad there are men still like that.

    There are too many men that I know that bury condoms to the very bottom of the basket. I really don't understand why. They should be proud that they are practicing safe sex.

    Then again, I am a hypocrite. I can't buy just tampons.

    I am glad that the guy supported Scouts. This is my sons first year, he turns 5 in November, and we were doing the Apple thing at Canadian Tire in Smiths Falls on Saturday.

  4. Kaitlin Fowles- DresslerThursday, October 07, 2010

    Finally there is hope for us all :) Josie, Evan is GORGEOUS!!! Hope things are well with the Morning hot tub!! Ever since the wedding it's been madness. Also Brian wanted to point something out concerning this whole Mauler Vs. Rush.. we officially ( well non-officially ) vote for team Mauler... alot of thought went into our decision.. although brian brought up a good point... only one of these 2 fine men attended our wedding.. so we've decided that it is where our alliances will lie. Just wanted to drop a line & tell you guys THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH! for everything.. seriously.. absolutely no way to express in words how much it meant to us.

    Thanks again for everything!!! :)

    Brian & Kaitlin

  5. I recently purchased just tampons. I had to wait for the Shoppers to open at 8 am. Found the brand I prefer, walked to the cash and plunked them down. The cashier smiled, said 'Good Morning', I replied with a 'Good morning' and paid before walking proudly to my car. I am 37 and have been purchasing these products for 25 years but this is the only time I have just purchased them. *sigh* Think I am ready to climb a mountain?