Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get. It. Off.

I am so sick of wearing a bra! Bra, bra, bra, 24/7! I’m starting to feel claustrophobic!

For those of you that don’t know what I’m ranting about; a lot of breastfeeding mothers have to wear a bra around the clock because of leaking issues. Last night I had enough, I needed to feel free so I took off the nursing bra and pranced around the house like a 60’s hippie! When it came time to feed Evan I did it sans bra. Unfortunately by the time his feeding was done my top was also finished. There was a stain the size of a watermelon thanks to the dripping faucet of boob juice.

When I’m done breastfeeding I’m burning my nursing bras and going braless for at least a week! I don’t care that it will be cold out, I’ll wear an extra sweater just to have the comfort of NOT wearing a restricting elastic band around my rib cage!

Other than that things are great! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh wow I remember those days!!
    Thought once I could quickly run to the store to grab milk without wearing a bra. Cashier was looking at me funny and when I went leave I looked down and realized why. Two gigantic wet circle on my sweater. :( I learned my lesson.


  2. I hear ya! I can't even just wear the bra... I still have to wear nursing pads too because there's still so much leakage (and my guy is 4 months old!) Plus I can feel myself let down all the time for no apparent reason! I'm joining you in the bra burning club when that time comes.

  3. Try Lilypadz. They look silly but mean that you don't have to wear a bra. They are these silicone cups that collect the milk so that you don't leak! The things that we do for our children.

  4. I started wearing the sticky pads, so I just wear a tank top, put the pads on and voila! The pads stick to the shirt and therefore no need to wear a bra!