Thursday, August 19, 2010

Travelling With A Baby

Last weekend John and I went to visit his family in Toronto. We left on Thursday and didn’t return home until Monday. That’s one, two, three, FOUR sleeps away from home sweet home. It was hard for me. We had a lovely visit, don’t get me wrong, and John’s family was wonderful and so excited to have Evan there, but it was tough on me and tough on Evan too (I think). For example, he was in the car a lot, which he hates! On the way there he cried about every 45 minutes. Sometimes we would pull over, but we couldn’t do that every time, so we dealt with his purple faced bloody murder scream as best we could. Once we were in Toronto we were driving a lot also, we had a lot of visits to pack in so there wasn’t much choice. I tried to keep his naps as regular as possible, but it wasn’t easy and he was up three, sometimes four times through the night.

When I first had Evan people told me, “Oh you’re going to love having a newborn, they’re so easy to go places with”… ahhhhh, ya right! Sure you don’t need to worry about food (if your breastfeeding), but there’s the diaper bag plus back up diapers, there’s several outfits (because puking is now a guarantee), there’s the spit blankets, the stroller, the Bjorn, the crib, the monitor. Now true, our little bambinos don’t need all the mentioned bells and whistles, but… well I need them okay?! Now I’m asking myself, am I an uptight mother? Truthfully, I rather not go anywhere these days and when I do I need my… ehem, Evan’s stuff to make sure I’m prepared the same way I would be if we were home.

On Monday morning we left Toronto at 6am. That was the right thing to do because Evan slept for 2 hours, got up, ate, and then went back down for the last 2 hours of the drive. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like when he got home, but he eased right back into our home life routine. On Monday night he slept for 5 hours, got up for an hour feed, then went back down for four! Same thing the next night! Oh and this kid is rocking his naps too! It’s so nice.

I want to be that mom that can travel with my baby like it’s no big deal, but I’m not. I’m sorry, I’m just not. I like the comforts of our home and our routine here. I never thought I’d be a homebody, but for now I am. For now…


  1. We are also going through the exact same thing now! Our little one is 4 months old... and has just stopped screaming in the car. We also get up at the crack of dawn to travel. In fact we are leaving tomorrow for Toronto and plan to leave at 5am. Things are getting better with travelling during the day... but she still has her moments. And I'm finding I need less of the bells and whistles every time we go. But I'm on the same page as you... My daughter HATES the car! But it does get better... too bad our family is all in Norhtern Ontario and the drive is 11 hours! I feel for you Josee ... we are going through the same thing... somtimes it helps knowing that someone else is having the same issues....

  2. I took my little guy Jude (who wasn't even 2 months yet) to Gaspé with my parents and their two was a 15 hour drive! Needless to say I was nervous but it went pretty well...I sat in the back so I could get him anything he needed, including his food - I pumped and fed him with a bottle right in the back seat! Hopefully your next trip goes a little better!

  3. Hi Josie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have read all your posts and feel so thankful that you have and are sharing this journey with us. I absolutely love reading each and every one of them and getting to know all the new things that are happening.

    I am not a mother myself, but my boyfriend and I are starting to consider parenthood and I really appreciate your honesty, feedback and special moments.

    You have an absolutely gorgeous family! Evan is the cutest thing and through all your posts we can really see the love and happiness he brings you!

    So I just wanted to say congratulations, wish you all the best and I will keep reading and listening to the Hot 89.9 (cannot wait for you to come back!).


  4. I can totally relate! My Emma (now 14 mths) was not a happy person in the car when she was a baby. Even recently, coming home from our cottate (90 mins) she cried all the way home. AHHHH! And her cries make me crazy! I am known to be a calm and patient person but when she cries in the car, all control goes out the window!

    Emma cried so loud that I once had a woman in a shopping mall give me a dirty look and tell me "your baby is in distress!". Like I didn't know my baby was freaking out! Her bum was clean, she'd just been fed, she simply didn't want to be back in her car seat! What's a mom to do!

    To shed some light on your situation, we've just returned from a vacation in Halifax and we drove both ways. Emma was amazing. She had her moments, mind you, but overall she was great! Don't worry, it gets better.